ESSERE ASSOCIES organizes individual or team-specific trainings on governance and executive compensation.

As an illustration : in-company tailor-made seminar for the Remuneration committee

This seminar reviews the main components of executive compensation

  • Managers concerned (Board members, corporate officers, executives) ;
  • Main components of the compensation package ;
  • Changes in compensation practices ;
  • Executive compensation governance ;
  • Process of developing the executive compensation policy ;
  • Short-term and long-term incentive compensation systems ;
  • Executive compensation optimization (tax and beyond tax) ;
  • Protection of executives (pension and insurance plan, contractual protection, civil and criminal liability) ;
  • Communication of the remuneration policy (Say on Pay) ;
  • Addressing two or three key issues for the Remuneration committee and the Board of Directors..

It has two main objectives

  • An update on the latest developments and market trends
    • Regulation changes and contextual changes ;
    • Sensitive issues ;
    • Trends (market practices) ;
    • Governance process professionalization ;
    • Cohesion between compensation and strategic plan and corporate culture ;
    • Implications for decisions of the future general shareholder meetings ;
    • Structured place for exchange between attendees.
  • The opportunity to address two or three items of particular interest to the Remuneration committee and the Board of Directors.

The seminar is prepared through an interview with the Chair of the committee (information on the company, choice of topics of specific interest, adaptation of the seminar to the expectations of the attendees).

Duration : one day

  • Morning : executive compensation issues ;
  • Afternoon : an exchange of views on questions of specific interest, and answers to questions.

If the attendees so request, we propose to draw up and send them a roadmap following the seminar.