It is usually accepted that the purpose of executive compensation is to attract, motivate and retain. Benchmarking is supposedly the compass that guides decisions.

This approach is incomplete, for at least two reasons :

  • Remuneration is a lever to support the implementation of corporate strategy, to increase performance and to manage change. Compensation should therefore result from a demanding thought process integrating corporate objectives, challenges, strategy and values.
  • Taxes and social charges that apply to remuneration in France have become volatile and occasionally exorbitant. Traditional preferential treatment applied to certain compensation items (equity, retirement…) has ceased : convergence with cash compensation has not only been achieved but taxation occasionally goes the other way.

Consequence : corporations need regularly rethink their remuneration practices, and specifically equity compensation.

New crucial challenge for listed companies : the introduction of Say on Pay, initially on an advisory basis (French governance code AFEP-MEDEF), then as an ex ante and ex post binding vote. How should boards and remuneration committees manage ever increasing responsibilities?

Executive compensation has become crucial and complex.

Essere associés provides the necessary expertise.

Our business

  • The governance and engineering of executive compensation : board of directors, executives and managers
  • Both in France and internationally

Our expertise : a multidisciplinary team, operational since more than fifteen years

  • Gathering in France the largest number of senior practitioners, ahead of traditional anglo-saxon consulting firms
  • Covering all facets of the governance and engineering of executive compensation : management, link with business strategy, finance, tax, legal, social…
  • Federating a network of partners with complementary expertise : survey consultants, tax lawyers, plan administrators, actuaries, proxy solicitors, communication consultants…
  • Contributing to the progress of corporate governance in France, including through active membership with IFA (French Institute of Directors) and regular contacts with issuers, investors and proxy agencies

Our deliverables

  • Solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients
  • Turnkey and operational solutions